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Archives for October 20072014-Sep-11

Archives for October 2007


From the birth of cinema, viewers recognized that a beam of light penetrating a darkened room provoked a dreamlike state, and that the irrational could be best expressed on film. This became an actuality in1920s Europe when a small group of visual artists turned their gaze from the exterior world of painting and sculpture to the interior world of the human mind by producing startling and subversive films. This series presents these legendary films in the wider context of European experimental cinema and includes a selection of works by the post war American filmmakers who embraced the surrealist philosophy of a personal, psychological, non narrative cinema.


Dal Buuel: Un chien andalou, Lge dor


A landmark of avant garde cinema and arguably the first truly surrealist film, Dal and Buuels still striking Un chien andalou is a feverish maelstrom of dream imagery and time bending drama. film ruined in a single evening, ten years of http://www.official49ersnflauthentic.com/WOMENS-ANTHONY-DAVIS-JERSEY.html pseudo intellectual post war advance guardism foul thing which is figuratively called abstract art fell at our feet, wounded to death, never to rise again. Salvador Dal. Lge dor, the pair second and final collaboration, is even more outrageous: a masterwork of delirious subversion and inventive blasphemy that was met with riots in Paris and was banned for fifty years.


Un chien andalou 1929/b min. Scr: Salvador Dal, Luis Buuel, dir: Buuel


Lge dor 1930/b min. Scr: Salvador Dal, Luis Buuel; dir: Buuel; w/ Gaston Modot, Lya Lys, Max Ernst


Buuel began working on this adaptation of the Emily Bront novel (a favorite of the surrealists) in Paris in the early 1930s, though it took two decades to go into production. Transported to the barren, petrified landscape of Taxco in Mexico, Bronts tale of doomed, all consuming Michael Crabtree Jersey love is pushed to tortured excess and etched with dark, surreal images. Triumphanta blatant hacienda melodrama that camps out on poverty row before blasting into the stratospherea great movie that Frank Gore Womens Jersey successfully travesties a great novel. J. Hoberman, Village Voice


1953/b min. Scr: Luis Buuel, Julio Alejandro, Arduino Maiuri; dir: Buuel; w/ Irasema Dilin, Jorge Mistral, Lilia Prado Not available on DVD


The Birth of Poetic Cinema: Jean Cocteau and Man Ray


In The Blood of a Poet, Cocteau follows a young artist as he plunges into the blackness of a mirror and drifts through a sublime realm of visions and dreams populated with sphinxes, angels and living statues (among them Lee Miller, Man Ray lover and collaborator). In Man Rays last film, a strange group of visitors, faces obscured by shrouds, go about fanciful games and movements in and around the striking modernist villa (designed by Robert Mallet Stevens) belonging to the Vicomte Frank Gore Limited Jersey de Noailles, who also commissioned both Cocteaus film and Lge dor.


The Blood of a Poet 1930/b min. Scr/dir: Jean Cocteau; w/ Lee Miller, Enrique Rivero,


Les Mystres du chteau de D 1929/b min. Scr/dir: Man Ray


Trance Films: Maya Deren and Gregory J. Markopoulos


European surrealism hit American screens with the development of the trance film. Described as works of experience by scholar P. Adams Sitney, they feature priests, initiates of rituals, and the possessed as protagonists through a potent environment toward a climactic scene of self realization. In Meshes of the Afternoon and At Land, Maya Deren infuses this model with psychodrama official49ersnflauthentic.com/WOMENS-ALDON-SMITH-JERSEY.html and mystery. Begun in Los Angeles while he was a student at USC and completed in his hometown of Toledo, Ohio, Gregory J. Markopoulos Du sang, de la volupt et de la mort is inspired by an unfinished Pierre Louys novella and Platonic dialogues. shimmering, complex films, with their elusive themes of memory, desire, and creativity once compared to the works of Joyce, Proust, and Eisenstein. Kristin M. Jones, Artforum.


Meshes of the Afternoon 1943/b min Scr/dir: Maya Deren, Alexander Hammid


At Land 1944/b min. Scr/dir: Maya Deren;The Magik Lantern: Harry Smith


The Harry Smith Archives will present a live performance of the newly restored version of Harry Smith film Heaven and Earth Magic with specially designed slides, colored gels and maskings. A collage film of animated segments created from antique catalogues and elocution manuals, Smith showed the film with its special projection set up only once, in the late 1950s at Carnegie Hall, New York City on a specially built projector. This show involved the use of colored gels and slide overlays to create a vividly colored presentation that had the strong feel of a magic lantern show with an animated shadow play at its center. It is characteristic of Smith to have created this antiquated form of color presentation, very much akin to the tinting and toning of silent films, rather than naturalistic color. With the slides and gels, Heaven and Earth Magic regains its aboriginal character as an alchemical sance. Dal allegedly accused Cornell of stealing the film from Dal own subconscious. Before he died, Cornell handed over six unfinished films to Larry Michael Crabtree Limited Jersey Jordan for completion. Among them was The Children Trilogy (Cotillion, The Midnight Party and The Children Party), described as hilarious and touching tribute to the ecstasy of childhood and childlike make believe, by Michael Joshua Rowin in Reverse Shot. In his own work, Jordan creates transportive fantasies by animating Victorian engravings. Duo Concertantes, Hamfat Asar and Our Lady of the Sphere date from climax of Jordan career exquisite space and time where reverie and dream meet, delicately poised between nostalgia and terror, per P. Adams Sitney.


Rose Hobart 1936/b min. Scr/dir: Joseph Cornell


The Childrens Trilogy Cotillion/The Midnight Party/Childrens Party (1940s/b and color/25 min. Scr/dir: Joseph Cornell

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